() (Sigur ros)
154 (Wire)
Aja (Steely Dan)
All this I do for glory (Colin Stetson)
Always ofended, never ashamed (Samuel Kerridge)
Animalia lotsatuen putzua (Lisabö)
Annihilationist (Prurient)
Berlin (Lou Reed)
Biokinetics (Porter Ricks)
Bitches Brew (Miles Davis)
Blade runner (Vangelis)
Black sabbath (Black sabbath)
Bon iver, bon iver (Bon iver)
Book of ways (Keith Jarret)
Clearing the path to ascend (YOB)
Cloak of skies (Drug Honkey)
Colossal youth (Young marble giants)
Confield (Autechre)
Cosmo's factory (Creedence clearwater revival)
Dahinter das gesicht (Schwefelgelb)
Dead of the red mask (Diamanda Galas)
Doppelgänger (Curve)
Drukqs (Aphex Twin)
Early Minimalism 1&2 (Tony Conrad)
Endtroducing (Dj Shadow)
Evol (Sonic youth)
Fathers and sons (Muddy Waters)
Fever ray (Fever ray)
Field of the host (Black Mare)
Filth (Swans)
Fleet foxes (Fleet foxes)
Fun house (The stooges)
Gesänge der ekstase sequentia (H. von Bingen)
Gurbeti ben my yaratim (Arif Sag)
Held (Holy other)
Hospice (The antlers)
I can hear the heart beating as one (Yo la tengo)
If I could only remember my name... (David Crosby)
Insides (Orbital)
King night (Salem)
Komputerwelt (Kraftwerk)
Laughing Stock (Talk Talk)
Led Zeppelin I (Led Zeppelin)
Linea Aspera (Linea Aspera)
Loveless (My bloody valantine)
Marble index (Nico)
Mass IIII-V-VI (AmenRa)
Metropolis (Jeff Mills)
Mysterien Sonaten (H.F. Biber)
Multila (Vladislav Delay)
Nebraska (Bruce Springsteen)
Negative fascination (Silent servant)
No love deep web (Death grips)
Not for the music (Emptiness)
Oceanic (ISIS)
Odinist (Blut aus nord)
Omega (Morente)
Partita (Witold Lutoslawsky)
Penderecki K.
Pink moon (Nick Drake)
Portishead (Portishead)
Pornography (The cure)
Posthuman (JK Flesh)
Postself (Godflesh)
Power, corruption and lies (New order)
Rage against the... (Rage against the machine)
Rocket Science (Tribal tech)
Roots in heaven (Petites madeleines)
Schnittke A.
Seasons in the abyss (Slayer)
Shostakovich D.
Smoke ring for my halo (Kurt Vile)
Spain (Michel Camilo & Tomatito)
Sorrow and extinction (Pallbearer)
Suicide (Suicide)
The black dirt sessions (Deer Tick)
The black one (Sunn O))) )
The dark side of the moon (Pink floyd)
The miraculous (Anna Von Hausswolff)
The nightfly (Donald Fagen)
The shining breeze (Slowdive)
The soft moon (The soft moon)
The Texas Jerusalem… (Lift to experience)
Timeless (Goldie)
Tonight's the night (Neil Young)
Torque (Ed Rush)
Unknown pleasures (Joy division)
Vibe station (Scott Henderson)
Viet cong (Viet cong)
Violin Concerto (Karayev)
Visions (Grimes)
Vivaldi A.
Windhand (Windhand)
Within the realm of a dying sun (Dead can dance)
Wounds (Fvnerals)
1984 (George Orwell)
A brief story of time (Stephen Hawking)
Akira (Katsuhiro Otomo)
Alice's adventures in wonderland (L. Carroll)
Also sprach Zarathustra (F. Nietzsche)
Amarillo Indio (Amarillo Indio)
Amphygorey (Edward Gorey)
Apocalipsis (Biblia del oso)
Apocalypse (John Martin)
Apocalypse (D.H. Lawrence)
Ask the dust (John Fante)
Au secours pardon (Frédéric Beidgbeder)
Bartleby, the scrivener (Herman Melville)
Breakfast of champions (Kurt Vonnegut)
Calvin & Hobbes (Bill Watterson)
Catch 22 (Joseph Heller)
Cathedral (Raymond Carver)
City of glass (Paul Auster)
Crawl space (Jesse Jacobs)
Death and entrances (Dylan Thomas)
Die steppenwolf (Hermann Hesse)
Die wand (Marlen Haushofer)
Don Quijote (Miguel de Cervantes)
Down to earth (John Stewart Collins)
Drown (Junot Diaz)
Dr. Slump (Akira Toriyama)
El bueno de Cuttlas (Calpurnio)
El don de Vorace (Félix F. Casanova)
El hematocrítico del arte (El hematocrítico)
E pluribus unicorn (Theodore Sturgeon)
Eroberung des Nutzlosen (Werner Herzog)
Exercices de style (Raymond Queneau)
Fragile things (Neil Gaiman)
First blood (David Morrell)
Gravity's rainbow (Thomas Pynchon)
Hamlet (William Shakespeare)
Hagakure (Yamamoto Tsunetomo)
Heart of Darkness (Joseph Conrad)
Historia argentina (Rodrigo Fresán)
Homba (Yukio Mishima)
How late it was, how late (James Kelman)
Illuminations (William Blake)
Illuminations - Une saison en enfer (A. Rimbaud)
In cold blood (Truman Capote)
Insomnia (Joseba Eskubi)
In'ei Raisan (Junichiro Tanizaki)
Infinite jest (David Foster Wallace)
Jimmy Corrigan (F.C. Ware)
Kagirinaku tomei ni chikai buru (Ryu Murakami)
Kosmos (Witold Gombrowicz)
L'Étranger (Albert Camus)
La nausée (Jean-Paul Sartre)
Le procès-verbal (J.M.G. Le Clézio)
Less than Zero (Bret Easton Ellis)
Love is a dog from hell (Charles Bukowski)
Love nest (Charles Burns)
Mass - The art of John Harris (Ron Tiner)
Mi vida al aire libre (Miguel Delibes)
Microsculpture (Levon Biss)
Natural art forms (Karl Blosffeld)
Nature (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
Neuromancer (William Gibson)
Мы (Evgueni I. Zamiatin)
On the road (Jack Kerouac)
Painted space (John Berkey)
Plutonium (Gabriel Delmas)
Quer pasticciaccio brutto de Via Merulana (Gadda)
Scorch Atlas (Blake Butler)
Se una notte d'inverno... (Italo Calvino)
Silvie (Gerard de Nerval)
Sin noticias de Gurb (Eduardo Mendoza)
Solaris (Stanislav Lem)
Sticky monsters (John Kenn Mortensen)
Sult (Knut Hamnsun)
Tales (Edgar Alan Poe)
Tao Te-Ching (Lao Tse)
The art of Shintaro Kago (Shintaro Kago)
The bus (Paul Krichner)
The collected stories (Scott McClanaghan)
The complete book of self sufficiency (J. Seymour)
The devil all the time (Donald Ray Pollock)
The human war (Noah Cicero)
The martian chronicles (Ray Bradbury)
The philosophy of Andy Warhol (Andy Warhol)
The rest is noise (Alex Ross)
The season's course (Reynolds Stone)
The three stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (P. K. Dick)
Tokio ya no nos quiere (Ray Loriga)
Um sopro de vida: pulsações (Clarice Lispector)
Very Casual (Michael De Forge)
Violencia y terror (Rubén Garzas Gómez)
Voyage au bout de la nuit (L.F. Cëline)
Walden (Henry David Thoreau)
Watchmen (Moore - Gibbons)
White Noise (Don Delillo)